Vase Bobina

Bobina vase from Nittsjö Keramik designed by Erik Mornils. One of Nittsjö Keramik's classics from the period 1890–1950 that has now been newly produced.

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The Vase Bobina is a classic from Nittsjö ceramics from the period 1890–195 that Nittsjö has now resumed production of. Bobina is a vase that is equally beautiful all year round and suitable for both winter bouquets and summer bouquets. Bobina is a vase designed by Erik Mornils, who was active at Nittsjö during the years 1925-1967. The glaze is provided by hand and can therefore vary in thickness between the different vases.


Erik Mornils


Nittsjö ceramics




Height: 21 cm, Ø: 16 cm, Ø: 9 cm (top)

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