Carpet No 2 Rachel Scott

Handwoven, unique rugs, designed by Rachel Scott.

8 650,00 SEK

Handwoven, unique rugs, designed by Rachel Scott.
Rachel Scott studied painting at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1976, she began spinning and weaving carpets because the carpet at home on the stairs began to wear out. She spins the wool on a simple spinning coat made for her by her brother. The yarn is spun directly from the unprocessed wool, which mainly comes from friends who live around the English countryside. The yarn is not dyed, but each color represents the sheep's own natural color.
Rachel Scott works with an upright loom. She manipulates the wasp by hand – picking up the odd ones and then the smooth threads. Watching her weave is like watching a harpist play with extraordinary speed and rhythm.
The size of the carpets is about 150 – 75 cm.
Malmstenbutiken uniquely sells twelve selected carpets in connection with the exhibition.


Rachel Scott




approx. 75 x 150 cm


Hand-spun yarn and hand woven. Can be ordered if the exhibition copy is sold. The delivery time is then about 8-10 weeks from ordering.

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