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80th anniversary!

80 years ago Carl Malmsten moved into his business at Strandvägen 5b here in Stockholm and we want to celebrate that! Every month we will select one of our favorites from the range and sew together an anniversary offer. During September, the Putte podium is available at 20% discount. Welcome in!

Welcome to Vernissage – Carl Malmsten Archive Collection

The Foundation Siv & Carl Malmsten's Memory has commissioned designers Anna Kraitz and Lars Bülow to find findings in Carl Malmsten's enormous sketch archive. Now the entire premiere collection is shown in the store and we invite you to the opening! You will have the opportunity to meet Anna Kraitz who together with Nicola Nerström from the Foundation talks about how they worked with developing and producing the collection. During the evening we give 15% discount on Putte pallet which is also included in the collection and which is available for direct use in certain designs. Welcome...

Welcome to Vernissage – Carl Malmsten Archive Collection Read more

Now begins the outdoor season

Now it's finally starting to feel spring in the air. Carl Malmsten's classic garden furniture Bergshamra is named after his grandfather's farm in Solna where Carl spent many summers and where his strong love for nature was founded. Bergshamra is made of densely grown pine coated with linseed oil and iron vitriol. A group consists of a table – round or rectangular two armchairs and a sofa or four armchairs. We have some products for direct delivery. Other orders will be delivered from May onwards.


Guldheden headboard was designed by Carl Malmsten in 1945 for the housing fair at Guldheden in Gothenburg. It is today manufactured in Three Centuries in Tibro.  The headboard comes in several finishes sizes and only as headboard or as a complete bed frame with footboard. Guldheden can be ordered in birch oak cherry and smoked oak.

Campaign 15% Samsas

This autumn's campaign continues on the series Samsas. This includes Runda Samsas a straight 2-seater 3-seater sofa and armchair.

Särö sofa

Särö sofa is a stylish 40-talist that makes a comeback in malmstenbutiken. The sofa Särö was designed back in 1943 and now we feel that the time is just right for a really generous sofa. It can be ordered in any fabric.  Now you can find our signage ex Särö on our outlet page. 

Nya Berlin

The New Berlin sofa was designed by Carl Malmsten in 1958.  It is a tight sofa with clean lines while being inviting. This version is shortened to 140 centimeters which makes it fit anywhere. The sofa can be ordered in any fabric.

Visingsö table

Visingsö dining table in birch or oak with solid rod glued disc. Designed by Carl Malmsten in 1953 and resumed in production in 2013. Available in different finishes: painted clear coat hard wax oil stain soap or egg oil tempera. The table is available in two lengths 160cm or 200cm. 2 50cm insert boards can be purchased and mounted on either short side of the table.

Bergshamra Outdoor Furniture

Please book Carl Malmsten's classic garden furniture Bergshamra so you can get your delivery for the summer. It is made of dense pine coated with iron vitriol. Tables are available in round and rectangular seating furniture such as sofa and armchair. On his furniture drawings there are often small notes such as that "this design should last over 100 years"

Guldheden bed

The Guldheden series was originally manufactured by Åfors furniture factory in Blomstermåla. Guldheden headboard is now back in production in the Three Century factory in Tibro. The headboard comes in several designs sizes and only as a gable or as a complete bed frame. Guldheden can be ordered in birch oak cherry and smoked oak.

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