Tiller chair Lilla Åland 80 years - Anniversary chair in limited edition

This year, Stolab celebrates the 80th anniversary of Lilla Åland with a limited edition of 2022 chairs in the new smoked oak oil finish. The colour is intended to mimic a traditional smoked oak stain in the form of a waterborne stain combined with oil. The chairs are numbered with a plaque under the seat.

In stock! Available for immediate delivery.

4 995,00 SEK 4 495,50 SEK

Carl Malmsten's most beloved and best-selling furniture. The inspiration for this classic was Malmsten in Finström's church in Åland where he held a handicraft course in 1938. From the village carpenter's hand-lathed chair, Carl Malmsten extracted the core. The drawing was adapted for production at Stolfabriks AB in Smålandsstenar. In 1942, the chair was given the same characteristic design as it still has today and the manufacturer is the same. May seem simple but fits most and is very comfortable with its softly cheaded seat.


Carl Malmsten





Surface treatment

Smoked oak oil


H: 57 cm, B: 44 cm, L: 88 cm, Seat height: 44 cm, Seat depth: 42 cm


This is a commemorative edition and is available in a limited edition.

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