Screen Ernst

Ernst display with handpicked plants and clover. Made by hand by Vanja Sorbon Malmsten for the Malmsten shop. Bringing a calm sense of nature to the home.
Perfect for a table or floor lamp.

Delivery time about 12 weeks.

2 550,00 SEK

Carl Malmsten's great-granddaughter Vanja Sorbon Malmsten makes the plant screens by hand. A fantastic example of local craftsmanship. Vanja learned the craft from her grandfather Egil Malmsten. The screens come in many different shapes and sizes and are equally suitable as table or floor lamps. In an age of resource-efficient thinking, natural materials and local suppliers, her craftsmanship is just right.


Birgitta Sorbon Malmsten, Vanja Sorbon Malmsten


The plant screens




H: 25 cm, Diameter: 32/20 cm


This is an order item. Delivery time about 12 weeks

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