Pendant GT7

Pendant luminaire GT7 from Santa & Cole. Available in multiple colors. This is an order item. Estimated delivery time about 2-4 weeks.

14 305,00 SEK15 240,00 SEK

The GT7 contains an upper metal disc near the light source to strengthen the structure and a diffuser disc on the lower part. The use of handmade cotton ribbons traditionally re-incorporates craftsmanship.

Each screen is handmade. In their search for the perfect shades, they collaborated with the raw color studio in Eindhoven (Holland) to create new bands. Each woven from three distinctive yarns that created new colors: terracotta, mustard yellow and forest green. The three basic colors in the band collection, Natural, Red Amber and Black, complement the range of six available colors.

This is a colorful family that varies in size without changing its essence and creating rich luminous tones. With the light on, the shade gives a warm light, rich in shades.

The GT7 comes with a metal cable that secures the suspension device as well as with black cable. This is an order item. The delivery time is estimated at about 2-4 weeks.


Santa & Cole


Santa & Cole team


Black, Green Raw Color, Mustard Raw Color, Natural, Red-Amber, Terracotta Raw Color


Diameter: 90 cm, Height: 44 cm


The suspension of this size comes with metal wires as well as black cable.
This is an order item. Estimated delivery time about 2-4 weeks.

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