Wall lamp Lurran

The lurran wall lamp with hand-picked plants is narrow and wide. Embellish your wall both when it is off and lit. The model is named after Carl Malmsten's daughter Kerstin who was called Lurran.
Cord and suspension included.

Delivery time about 12 weeks.

1 880,00 SEK2 230,00 SEK

Carl Malmsten's great-grandson Vanja Sorbon Malmsten manufactures the plant screens by hand. A fantastic example of local arts and crafts. Vanja has learned the craft from her grandfather Egil Malmsten. The screens come in many different shapes and sizes and are as suitable as solo, as over a coffee table or in the window. At a time of low-resource thinking, natural materials and local suppliers, her craft is just right.


Vanja Sorbon Malmsten


The plant screens




Small: D12cm H35cm, Large: D20cm H35cm


This is an order item. Delivery time is estimated to be about 12 weeks.

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