Vase Column

The Vaserna Kolonn is designed by Carina Seth Andersson for Skruf's glassworks. With its mouth-blown glass and voluminous shapes, the vase fits just as well with a few individual twigs or leaves as to the large bouquet of flowers. Available in 3 different designs.

403,00 SEK5 198,00 SEK

The Column series was created for the nationalmuseum's reopening in October 2018. The vase is suitable for both the large bouquet of flowers and a few single twigs or leaves. The design is simple and timeless and fits most homes. Columns are mouth-blown by professional glassblowers at Skruf's glassworks in Småland, which makes each vase unique. The column vase is available in three different sizes large, medium and small.


Carina Seth Andersson


Skrufs Glassworks


Handblown glass

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