Vase Column Blank

The vases Kolonn blank is designed by Carina Seth Andersson for Skrufs glasbruk. With its mouth-blown glass and voluminous shapes, the vase is just as suitable for a few single twigs or leaves as it is for a large bouquet of flowers. Available in 3 different designs.

290,00 SEK2 888,00 SEK

A development from the previous series - Column, created for the new opening of the National Museum in October 2018, now comes a glossy and smooth version, designed by Carina Seth Andersson. The vase is suitable for both the large flower bouquet and a few single twigs or leaves. The design is simple and timeless and will suit most homes. The column is mouth-blown by professional glassblowers at Skrufs glassworks in Småland, making each vase unique. The column vase is available in three different sizes.


Carina Seth Andersson


Skrufs Glassworks


Handblown glass

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