Dining table Carl, around

The Carl table with the round form glued frame has a soft profile to give an undulating organic impression. The furniture is designed by Marit Stigsdotter and is manufactured by Stolab. Available in different designs.

This is a made-to-order item, approx. 10 weeks delivery time.

13 555,00 SEK47 815,00 SEK

The Carl table is designed Marit Stigsdotter for Stolab. It is created in order to pay tribute to Carl Malmsten and his classic stud chair Lilla Åland whose shape is firmly self-evidentfunctional and tactile. The table takes up the character of the chair with a fully-formed legs and a bevelled edge on the disc.  All edges are also generously rounded to emphasize the kinship with the chair. As the Carl table grows, by supplementing the insert slabs, a support leg may be needed to maintain stability. This is available as an option. When ordering 3-4 insert discs, a support leg is included. The support leg is adjustable in height and in the same surface treatment as the undercarriage on the table.


Marit Stigsdotter




Birch, Oak

Surface treatment

Natural oil, White oil, Light matte lacquer, White


115cm fixed disc, 115 + 50 cm, 115 + 2 x 50 cm, 115 + 3 x 50 cm, 115 + 4 x 50 cm


This is an order item, about 6-8 weeks delivery time.

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