Matbord Hommage Grande

Hommage Grande dining table is a round dining table in Swedish oak. With its monumental shapes and classic simplicity, it creates a sense of elegance. The table is manufactured by Tre Sekel in Tibro.

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34 100,00 SEK63 579,00 SEK

The Hommage Grande dining table was designed by Matti Carlsson for Tre Sekel and was launched in connection with the 2019 furniture fair. The design conveys refined details and a strong monumental expression. Taking the round shape as a starting point, the designer drew inspiration from both 1960s Italy and the Swedish craft tradition. The table is available in several different sizes and is made of Swedish solid oak and smoked oak. The table is manufactured by Tre Sekel in Tibro.



Matti Carlsson




Three centuries


Solid oak, Solid smoked oak

Surface treatment

Natural hard wax oil


120 Ø H.73 (three legs), 135 Ø H.73 (three legs), 150 Ø H.73 (three legs), 160 Ø H.73 (five legs), 180 Ø H.73 (five legs), 200 Ø H.73 (five legs)


This is an order item, 6-8 weeks delivery time.

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